Specialists in their fields  

We believe true excellence in education is only achieved by a powerful, passionate team of exceptional teachers and managers preparing young, happy and motivated students to stand tall and make their mark anywhere in the world as the global citizens of tomorrow.


There is no better way, in our opinion, than to select the best teachers for every subject and to inspire and motivate our students academically, culturally and in the sporting arena. Our Teachers are hand-picked according to the following criteria:

  1. Excellent academic qualifications.
  2. Outstanding track records with reputations of having kept abreast of recent, relevant educational methodologies.
  3. Dynamic personalities with a professional demeanor who create a nurturing educational environment.
  4. An exceptional rapport and empathy with students by treating students with dignity and respect.
  5. A love of children and investment in the success of each student that passes through their hands.




Nadim M Nsouli, Founder & CEO, Inspired Education Group

Nadim M Nsouli founded Inspired in 2013 with the goal of creating a leading global group of premium schools.  Starting with Inspired’s first acquisition of Reddam House, a leading group of schools in South Africa, Nadim rapidly expanded the group globally via a series of acquisitions and building greenfield schools while maintaining the focus on only having the best schools around the world as part of the group.

Prior to founding Inspired, Nadim was a partner at Providence Equity Partners, a private equity firm with $40 billion under management.  Nadim was also a member of Providence's Global Investment Committee and led Providence's Education investment efforts in Europe and the Middle East.  Prior to joining Providence in 2006, Nadim was the European head of The Gores Group, a special situations private equity fund based in Los Angeles.  Previously, Nadim was a member of the media and telecommunications investment banking teams of Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan in London.  Nadim started his career in New York as a corporate lawyer at Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue.

Nadim received a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD with distinction, a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude) from Georgetown University.



Graeme Crawford, Reddam House Founder & Inspired Group President

Graeme Crawford is a renowned educator who began his career as a science teacher and believed that much more could be done to improve educational standards.
Driven by his own negative schooling experiences, he began conceiving a school that could provide a rounded education through a dynamic new approach. This was aimed at maximising not just the academic standard, but also the confidence, potential and individuality of each child. Graeme opened his first school in 1993. In the following five years the Crawford Schools grew to 6 in total. In 2000, he founded Reddam House. His impressive track record spans more than two decades and since 1993 Graeme Crawford’s schools have educated more than 32,000 students.



Dr Bev Evangelides, Early Learning School Headmistress

Bev has been immersed in Education for almost forty years and has circumnavigated the full spectrum of educative phases. Being a lifelong student, she started off by completing a Higher Diploma of Education majoring in Mathematics, followed by a BA Degree and Honours Degree in Psychology and finally married the two disciplines when completing her Masters Degree and PhD in the Psychology of Education.
Her teaching career spans over many years in both teaching and management positions. In 2011 she entered corporate education working at AdvTech as a National Academics Co-Ordinator. This position encompassed working with teachers and management in the various brands of schools and allowed her to research international trends in education and allowed her many opportunities to visit schools both nationally and internationally. In 2015 she joined Reddam House Early Learning School, the one phase that was missing in my teaching career. Managing staff and young children aged one to six in a Reggio Inspired school is her swan song.
She is married to Glenn, has one daughter, Kerri-Lee and a grandson, Zihan aged one who inspires her to explore and remain curious in a
big and beautiful world, every day.



Quinton Pascoe, Preparatory Headmaster

Quinton Pascoe holds qualifications in Education Management, Law and Systems, and attained a Cum Laude Honour’s degree in Education from the University of the North-West. He has completed the Independent Schools Leadership Development Programme at Wits University Business School and graduated from Harvard University’s online course Leading by Understanding.

Mr Pascoe is an enthusiastic educator who enjoys seeing children and colleagues reach their full potential. Servant leadership, sound management practice and strategic direction together with a high degree of passion and zest for the profession and life itself drive his daily focus.



Greg Theron, Executive Campus Head

Welcome to Reddam House Waterfall College.

We are very proud of our Campus and would love to have you with us to have a look around and to share our experiences with you.

We are also very excited about education and where it has gone so quickly in the present world.

We have always subscribed to (and used) a model of education that prepares our students for change and flexibility; that uses technological innovation and which views the classroom, sports field and/or cultural sphere, as a place in which memorable experiences are created and opportunities for the future are endless. We have also based everything we do on relationship and respect, as we believe that together we achieve more. Importantly this extends beyond the individual, the classroom and indeed the school Campus, to the broader community in need, as in giving of ourselves we gain true learning and meaning.

In recent times with the Global Pandemic of COVID-19, our foundations as a society and as a school have been radically challenged. We have had to take our approach, examine it, and where necessary change it in order to deliver thoughtful, coherent, effective and adaptive responses to the new reality we now face. Our teachers and students have been challenged to become co-creators of a learning community that develops competencies through problem-solving and sound thinking.  The networks we use, whether they are human or technological, have become more critically important than ever before and we use them to view our world with possibility and interest.

Ours is a future-oriented world and Reddam House Waterfall takes this as a sacred duty.  We would be delighted to have you as a partner on this journey.