We Shall Give Back

From Stage 1 to Grade 12, every student is involved in the Reddam Gives Back Programme, whereby each class chooses a project or charity in the local community to assist for the duration of the school year. Students contribute their time and talents to the projects of their choice. Tasks may include collecting Easter eggs, preparing shoe boxes at the end of the year, or supporting more personal programmes. Students personally deliver donated items and visit those involved in the project's day-to-day operations if possible.

Initiative: #KNYSNAFIRE

Reddam House Waterfall extends our sincere condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and homes in the devastating Knysna fires. Our students and parents have come together to collect bottled water, blankets, diapers, and food for those affected by the fires. Collected items will be delivered to DHL's drop-off point in Peter Place Bryanston, where DHL has generously offered to transport the goods to the affected areas in Knysna.

We wish to thank DHL and our students and parents for their generosity and kindness. We will continue to keep all those afflicted by the Knysna fires in our thoughts.

Market Day

The annual Grade 6 Market Day was a huge success. On Market Day, Grade 6 students set up stalls to sell food, items and services to raise money. Half of the money raised was used to fund the end-of-year Grade 6 farewell. The Outreach Committee are responsible for donating the rest of the money to a selected charity. This year, R10 000 was donated to Paws Are Us, a local animal shelter.


Our School Gives Back Through the Interact Initiative

Interact consists of a group of students who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Interact's elected student board oversees the group's activities, and as a whole, Interact is responsible for many of the charity drives that take place at our school. In 2017, Interact hosted the CANSA spray-a-thon and raised over R18 000 for the CANSA Foundation. During fundraising activities, Reddam students could be seen with colours and designs in their hair.

On Saturday mornings, Interact helps deliver mathematics and English tuition to students from disadvantaged communities. They also give students a healthy lunch to ensure they are properly fed during tutoring sessions. In the past, Interact has helped to host an Easter egg hunt for their tutees and spend quality time having fun and getting to know them. Other events include Slipper Day (Reach for a Dream), a movie-themed afternoon party for orphaned children.

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