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Our state-of-the-art campus deli provides healthy and nutritious school meals at student-friendly prices. Meals may be ordered and paid for ahead of time either online or through our easy-to-use app. Our innovative meal payment system is safe, secure and cash-free! It allows parents to ensure their children receive a balanced diet while helping them manage dietary requirements and costs with a cashless card that tracks and limits daily and weekly spending.

Our experienced deli staff serve breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, wraps, grills, smoothies, and more! The main deli menu, the after-school menu and the border menu all offer dietician-approved options. Meals are rotated regularly throughout the year and accommodate several preferences; however, parents should report any restrictions, allergies or intolerances to the school.

The deli is student-centred and fun, sociable activities are hosted in this vibrant setting. Students not only enjoy mouthwatering specials and the company of their friends, but they may also participate in exciting events during break and lunchtimes. To view our daily menu, please click the link below.


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