Preparatory Education in Waterfall

Grade 1 to 7

Our Primary School in Waterfall is a co-educational and non-denominational environment designed to recognise, nurture, and develop the individuality of each student in our care. At our school, students experience the freedom to discover their passions, and they are encouraged to achieve their full potential across all aspects of the curriculum.

As a world-class Preparatory School in Midrand, we aim to guide young students toward Grade 7 as they establish long-term core competencies. Our teachers understand the importance of delivering the required curriculum through a student-centred approach and help students attain excellent outcomes. Our caring staff also aim to form positive relationships with our students based on trust and mutual respect.

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Why Choose our Primary School in Waterfall?

At our Primary School, learning extends beyond the classroom. All Primary students are required to participate in at least two extra-curricular activities per week: one sporting activity and one cultural activity. We encourage as much involvement in school life as possible, and the extra-curricular timetable caters to beginners and those at a provincial level in their chosen area.

The Music @ Reddam programme is a wonderful element of the Primary School curriculum offered to all Grades 4 – 7 students. This programme involves an individual instrumental music lesson, as well as participation in an ensemble. All Primary students are engaged in the Reddam Gives Back Programme, whereby each class chooses a project in the wider community and facilitates the needs of their chosen programme during the year.

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Primary School Curriculum

Our Primary School curriculum is internationally-respected and includes a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting activities. We aim to nurture individuality, talent and self-assurance in young students and cultivate a secure and relaxed environment that fosters exploration.

Our broad curriculum encourages a love of learning in our Primary community, making our school an excellent option for families seeking inclusive, nurturing and fulfilling international primary education in Midrand and Waterfall.

The Primary years division is led by highly-qualified, dynamic, and experienced teachers who are the custodians of your children’s futures. At this stage, students are taught: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans (FAL), isiZulu (FAL), Life Skills, Drama, Music, Art, Social Sciences (Geography & History), Natural Science, and Technology (STEAM).

Common Entrance Exam

Our Entrance exams, or our "Exams to see where you are at," are commonly used to assess the knowledge, skills, and aptitude of Primary School applicants. These exams serve as a means to determine students' academic level and evaluate their suitability for placement.

The primary purpose of our "entrance exams" is to gauge the preparedness of candidates and ensure they possess the foundational knowledge required for the desired course of study. In addition to evaluating academic aptitude, we invite students to spend a day with us on the day they are due to sit their entrance exams. This in-person experience allows your child to envision life as part of our welcoming Primary School community.

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Primary School Enrichment Programme

Our private school offers students a choice between the following specialist Primary School enrichment subjects:

  • Dance and Physical Education
  • Bible/Hindu and Moral Studies
  • French/Sport Science/Music Theory & Appreciation
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Preparatory School Facilities

Our Primary School facilities are modern and comfortable, offering an enjoyable setting for our young students to explore their learning with their classmates. Students access state-of-the-art science labs, spacious dance and music studios, a large auditorium, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an astroturf sports field, ball courts, a well-equipped learning resource centre, and bright, versatile classrooms that feature interactive whiteboards for immersive study.

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Activities at Our Primary School

Our Preparatory education comprises an array of activities that aim to enrich students' experiences, foster their holistic development, and provide them with a well-rounded education. Daily activities cover academic, physical, artistic, and social pursuits. Below is an overview of some of the activities delivered in our Primary School schedule.

Classroom-based instruction forms the core of our primary education. While in the classroom environment, students learn essential subjects, such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and more. Teacher-led learning provides them with foundational knowledge and the skills necessary for future studies.

The Primary School Physical Education (P.E.) curriculum includes sports classes and coaching that promote physical fitness, motor skills, teamwork and discipline. Sports activities encourage an active and healthy lifestyle while developing sportsmanship and instilling the values of perseverance and dedication.

The Primary School Extracurricular Activities programme presents exciting opportunities to participate in clubs or societies. We offer clubs centred upon debate, chess, robotics, languages, coding, equestrian sports, table tennis, and more. During after-school club activities, students explore their interests beyond the regular curriculum, develop specialised skills, engage in teamwork, and build lasting friendships.

Field trips provide students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom. At the Primary level, teachers organise visits to museums, historical sites, science centres, zoos and nature reserves to enhance the understanding of real-world concepts, cultures and environments. Field trips to locations near the school in Midrand also stimulate curiosity and critical thinking, while excursions to other regions help to broaden the perspectives of young minds.

Our motto, "We Shall Give Back", is core to our school's DNA and servant leadership approach. Our community service programmes teach young students the importance of helping those around them. Our Primary School learners participate in activities, such as volunteering, fundraising, or environmental initiatives, fostering empathy, compassion and a sense of civic responsibility.

At all levels, we celebrate cultural diversity and organise events to commemorate festivals, holidays, and national days. Participating in whole-school events teaches those in Primary School about different traditions, customs, and values. By extension, they develop tolerance, respect, and a sense of global citizenship.

Primary students are empowered to expand their collaboration and leadership skills in school programmes, such as the student council, leadership camps, and mentoring initiatives. These programmes aim to develop leadership skills, responsibility, and character traits like resilience, empathy, and integrity. Participation helps young students become confident, ethical, and responsible.

Our Primary School IT programme addresses the increased importance of technology. Our school provide opportunities for students to develop basic computer literacy, digital skills, and online safety awareness. Additionally, our Virtual reality and Metaverse clubs equip our students with essential skills for the digital age.

To encourage Primary School learners to adopt a balanced lifestyle from an early age, we emphasise health and wellness education to promote healthy habits, nutrition, personal hygiene, and mental well-being. Workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns empower young students with knowledge and strategies to lead fulfilling lives.

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Primary School Sports Programme

The Primary School Sports Programme is significant as it contributes to our students' overall physical development and well-being. The key benefits of sports provision are highlighted below.

Participating in sports encourages physical activity and promotes good health. Regular exercise helps students develop strong muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance, and maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces the risk of obesity and associated health issues.

Sports can positively impact mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Engaging in physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. It also promotes better sleep patterns and enhances overall cognitive function.

Sports offer valuable opportunities for character development by instilling essential life skills. Students learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and communication through team sports and develop leadership qualities, resilience, and the ability to handle both success and failure. Sports practice also fosters discipline, time management, goal setting, and perseverance.

Sports participation allows young students to interact with their peers, which fosters social bonds and promotes inclusivity. Students learn to collaborate, trust, and respect one another through team sports. Additionally, they develop friendships, build a sense of belonging, and create lasting memories with one another.

Engaging in sports can positively impact academic performance. Regular physical activity has been linked to improved concentration, cognitive function, and memory. Furthermore, participating in sports teaches Primary School students important skills, such as resilience, discipline, and perseverance, which students can apply to academic pursuits.

Sports help students develop healthy habits and promote an active lifestyle beyond their school years. Physical activity in childhood is more likely to lead to healthy habits in adulthood and a reduced risk of chronic diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles.

Primary School Sports pursuits provide a platform for students to learn about sportsmanship, fair play, and ethical behaviour. Participants learn to respect rules, opponents, and officials while understanding the importance of integrity, honesty, and ethical decision-making. These core values extend beyond the sports field and can positively influence the personal and professional lives of young individuals.

Through coaching, tuition and tours, students have the opportunity to engage with various cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Participating in sports events and competitions with teams from different schools fosters inclusivity and promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.

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Primary School Creative Arts Programme

Participation in visual and creative arts offers numerous benefits for students in Primary education. It has been shown that engagement in immersive, creative activities positively impacts cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our MADD department encompasses Music, Arts, Dance, and Drama.

This department is led by passionate, knowledgeable teachers who empower students of all abilities with a rich and diverse range of artistic experiences. As a result of their expert tuition, students refine their skills as unique artists and expand their knowledge of history, culture and music.


Art lessons stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. By participating in music, arts, dance, and drama, individuals develop their ability to think outside the box and begin to analyse situations from different perspectives to find innovative solutions. Art immersion also enhances cognitive flexibility and helps to promote diverse thinking during academic and professional pursuits.

Our Art Programme offers a unique outlet for emotional expression. Music, visual arts, dance, and drama allow young creatives to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a nonverbal and cathartic manner. Engaging with the arts can help individuals develop emotional intelligence, manage stress, and promote mental well-being

Participating in the arts often involves working in groups and collaborating with others. Whether it's playing in an ensemble, creating a piece of art collectively, or rehearsing a theatrical production, the arts foster teamwork, communication, and cooperation. These experiences help individuals build social skills, develop empathy, and appreciate diverse perspectives.

As our Primary learners engage in artistic activities, they also build self-confidence and self-esteem. Our art teachers provide a platform for individuals to express themselves authentically and develop their unique voices. Performances, exhibitions, and public showcases give participants a sense of achievement. Performing may also help children overcome stage fright and build resilience.

Creative arts are vital in preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. By exploring different art forms as part of the Primary School curriculum, children develop a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures, traditions, and histories. Over time, cultural understanding fosters empathy and a broader awareness of the external world. It may also promote a more inclusive society.

Additional Services at Our Primary School

Traditional school activities, including swimming, soccer, tennis, netball, cricket, hockey etc., are included in the Primary School tuition fee. Specialised activities, including yoga, karate, dance, gymnastics, golf etc., are offered at an additional cost as they are provided by external service providers. Please note that as some activities are conducted off-campus, venues are subject to change.

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