Nursery in Waterfall

Reddam House Waterfall Early Learning School


Reggio Emilia inspired nursery in Waterfall

Inspired by the internationally renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy, we embrace an early learning approach where the child is placed at the centre of learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Loris Malaguzzi, the charismatic founder of the philosophy, which dates back to post World War II – Italy, firmly believed that children are born competent, are naturally curious and resourceful and are creative thinkers. They are not empty vessels that need to be filled with facts, figures and dates. The teacher's role within the Reggio Emilia approach is complex and deemed first and foremost to be that of a learner alongside the children to provoke, co-construct, and stimulate thinking and peer collaboration. Whilst nurturing the essence of childhood, the teacher is a teacher-researcher, a resource and guide as she/he lends expertise to children. A distinctive innovative approach that supports our children’s interests and fosters their intellectual development through a systematic focus on symbolic representation is encouraged by teachers.

Young children from birth to age six are invited to explore their environment and express themselves through many ‘languages’ or different ways of expression, including words, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage, and music. Within the Reggio Emilia approach, different approaches toward the same investigation are all valued, and thus children are given access to many tools and media to express themselves.

The relationship and collaboration with the home, school and community all support the learning of the child. Teachers are committed to reflection about their own teaching and learning.


Welcome to our Early Learning School, a vibrant co-educational school where children are encouraged to explore, to think critically and to collaborate in a safe and secure environment. I believe that pivotal to high quality care, nurturance and embracing the essence of childhood, is the support of our inspired teaching staff both core staff and specialist teachers who surprise and delight me each day. The environment, our third teacher, actively participates and contributes to the educative process which has been creatively and carefully constructed with purpose. Our partnership with parents is based on trust and mutual respect where communication is key in finding a common understanding between home and school. Join us on our learning journey which is the catalyst for personal growth, development and achievement.

— Dr. Bev Evangelides, Headmistress of the Early Learning School

Our emergent curriculum from Stage 1 to Stage 5 builds upon the interests, ideas, thoughts and observations of children, as children will learn what sparks their curiosity. Team planning is an essential component of the emergent curriculum. Teachers work together to formulate the possible directions of a provocation, the materials needed, and possible parent and/or community support and involvement.

Whilst learning is viewed as a process or journey; education is about building relationships of respect and trust amongst children, parents and teachers and creating connections between ideas and the environment. We thereby support children in our care to develop and grow optimally and in doing so cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and exploration amongst our eager, wide-eyed young children in our purpose-built school.

We have class-based teaching with a number of specialist subjects offered by specialist teachers to specific stages during the course of the academic day. These subjects include art, music, drama, dance, physical education, technology, a choice of religious and first additional languages options.

We offer a number of extra-curricular activities which are held after school hours. These include: Soccer Starz, Dance Tots, Hip Hop and Modern Dance, Lego Club, Eco Tinkers, Cricket, Pottery, Drama, Kidi-Sportz, Gina’s Cake Lounge, Wellness Yoga and Music lessons.