Preschool Education in Waterfall

Stage 1 – 5, Early Learning School with Reggio Emilia Inspired Learning Approach

Our Nursery School in Waterfall delivers preschool education inspired by the Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach to teaching and learning. One to 6-year-olds are welcomed into a nurturing, vibrant and diverse purpose-built Early Learning School environment that offers them an ideal setting to develop foundational skills.

Our private Nursery is co-educational and non-denominational, and students are invited to explore, think critically, and express their ideas and theories through creative media. Our well-qualified and experienced teachers collaborate with families as an interconnected educational community and support students as protagonists in a rewarding learning journey.

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Why Choose Our Nursery School in Waterfall?

Our Nursery School is led by an international team of like-minded teachers who span six continents and readily share best practices. Our specialist teachers warmly engage with students and offer an enriched programme that is fully integrated with our core lessons. The relationship between teacher and student is collaborative and values individual autonomy.

At our Nursery, students grow and develop as well-rounded, happy young students. Their ideas, theories, and creations are appreciated and respected, and we celebrate differences. We also build confidence in our little ones, and they learn to have faith in their abilities. Students are encouraged to explore their limitless potential and are equipped with a solid moral 'compass' of clear values.


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Nursery School Options

Our Adventure Zone offers after-school care. Extended days are perfect for families who wish to collect their children between 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Adventure Zone offers children a healthy, hot meal, and a period of rest or sleep, followed by structured activities facilitated by our vetted Supervisor.

Preschool Curriculum

Reggio Emilia-Inspired Learning Approach

Inspired by the internationally-renowned Reggio Emilia Inspired philosophy, our Nursery embraces a widely-respected Preschool approach that places students at the centre of the learning process. Loris Malaguzzi, the charismatic founder of the philosophy, firmly believed that children are born competent and naturally curious. He regarded young students as resourceful, creative thinkers who should be inspired to explore their potential.

From Stage 1 to Stage 5, our Preschool curriculum builds upon student's innate interests, ideas, thoughts, and observations as they learn what sparks their curiosity. Team planning is an essential component of the construction of the syllabus, and our team of preschool teachers encapsulate literacy, numeracy and life skills into daily activities.


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Nursery School Teachers

The teacher's role within the Reggio Emilia Inspired approach is complex. First and foremost, they are considered students alongside students, and their role is to provoke, co-construct, and stimulate thinking and peer collaboration. Whilst nurturing the essence of childhood, teachers are also 'teacher-researchers'; they regard themselves as a resource and a guide to the student in their care. The Reggio Emilia Inspired approach is distinctive and innovative as a Preschool teaching method. It effectively supports our student's interests and fosters intellectual development by systematically focusing on symbolic representation.

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Preschool Environment

From birth to age six, young students are invited to explore the preschool environment and express themselves through many 'languages' or different ways of expression. 'Languages' are conveyed through words, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage and music.

Within the Reggio Emilia Inspired philosophy, different approaches are valued. Thus students are given access to many tools, materials, and media to express themselves. A healthy relationship between the home, school, and community supports learning and allows teachers and families to support development across a number of environments.


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Communication Skills

In the early stages of education, learning is viewed as a journey. Preschool education is centred upon building respect and trust between students, parents and teachers while establishing connections between ideas and the environment. The students in our care are listened to and given the support they need to develop to the best of their ability. They are guided by caring teachers, who ensure that as students grow, they gain every opportunity to build a lifelong passion for exploration.

A Word from the Head of Early Learning

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Welcome to our Early Learning School, a vibrant co-educational school where children are encouraged to explore, to think critically and to collaborate in a safe and secure environment. I believe that pivotal to high quality care, nurturance and embracing the essence of childhood, is the support of our inspired teaching staff both core staff and specialist teachers who surprise and delight our children each day.

The environment, our third teacher, actively participates and is relational to the educative process which has been creatively and purposefully designed. Our partnership with parents is based on trust and mutual respect where communication is key in finding a common understanding between home and school. Join us on our learning journey which is the catalyst for personal growth, development and achievement.


— Dr. Bev Evangelides, Head of Early Learning School

Nursery After-School Activities

After school hours, students may participate in our Nursery Extracurricular Activities Programme. Additional activities help little ones acclimatise to the Preschool environment and express their endless creativity through fun exciting pursuits. Nursery-level activities generally occur on campus; however, some specialist providers may teach lessons at an external venue. Parents will be notified of external locations when signing up for activities.

  • Soccer Starz
  • Dance Tots
  • Tumbling Tigers
  • Kidi-Sportz
  • Hip Hop & Modern Dance
  • Lee’s Little Chefs
  • Pottery
  • Drama
  • Individual Music Tuition

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