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General FAQ's

At our school, students attend one of three campuses and experience an idyllic learning environment. Our world-class campus facilities include dance and music studios, computer and science labs, a large auditorium, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a multifunctional Astroturf pitch.

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Students may participate in swimming, water polo, netball, tennis, athletics, hockey, soccer, cricket, 7’s rugby, table tennis, equestrian activities, scuba diving, and golf. We also offer a variety of different dance activities, including ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop. Students may take tap lessons in College.

As part of Inspired, Reddam House Waterfall benefits from access to best practices in global educational, overseas exchanges, and exclusive international partnerships.

At our school, students represent South Africa in several sporting activities and are top competitors in their fields of interest. We are league champions in sports, such as touch rugby and have recently won the B League Swimming Gala. We encourage students of all ages to participate in sports as it helps build a healthy body and lifestyle.

Since 2015, we have demonstrated an excellent record of IEB Matric results. Our school's history features a 5-year-long 100% Bachelor's Degree pass rate and continues to rank highly in national league tables. In past exams, 41 of our students secured six rankings in the top 1% of all candidates, and 23 students ranked in the top 5% of all national IEB candidates for their subjects.

Our remarkable student, Natasha Yoko, was featured in the IEB Outstanding Achievement List after securing a national ranking within the top 5% of all IEB students in more than six subjects. Our truly extraordinary results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our outstanding teachers and students.

Students can book a one-on-one after-school session to review course content with their teachers. Teachers have booking sheets that students can use to set a date and time for extra lessons. Teachers also offer workshops, which allow students to revise any aspect of the syllabus.

Early Learning School FAQ's

Specialist lessons include art, music, dance, drama, physical education, swimming, coding and robotics. These lessons are age-appropriate and are offered incrementally, starting with Stage 1, when students enjoy music lessons, to Stage 5, when students undertake every class in the specialist curriculum. All specialist lessons are included in the school fees and are taught during the school day.

Students may attend Adventure Zone, which starts directly after the school day. It is a safe and secure programme for students in Stages 1 to 5 who require after-school care. Attendees enjoy a healthy, hot meal in our dining hall before resting or sleeping. An activity is planned after nap time, and students are also given a snack. Parents may collect their children at any time between 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Please note that admission to Adventure Zone requires an additional cost.

Our staff competently potty train young children and are happy to provide guidance and support to parents. We strive to ensure that the experience is as effortless and comforting as possible for the students in our care. We provide nappies at no charge.

Preparatory School FAQ's

Yes. As part of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) offering, coding and robotics classes commence from Stage 5, and “Tech Invasion” lessons are delivered as a co-curricular activity from Grade 4.

Tech Invasion classes expand upon our robotics and coding provision, which eventually builds up to working with drone technology. We also offer a “Young Engineers” course, an optional programme.

Senior Preparatory staff offer extra lessons two afternoons per week to help students who require additional support. In the mornings before school, Junior Preparatory staff offer extra classes (known as Helping Hands), which are conducted in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and a Counsellor.

Yes. The International Benchmark Tests are taken annually. Students in Grades 3 to 6 sit the Science, Mathematics and English examinations.

Our notion is one of restorative and not punitive action. However, the school will follow the appropriate procedures outlined in our anti-bullying policy if the incident warrants it. Should a one-off bullying incident occur, the school will address the matter by engaging with the students concerned and informing their parents.

After parents have been informed, ongoing feedback will be provided until the matter is fully resolved. An assigned adult at the school will speak to the students involved and check that there has not been a further occurrence of bullying. Should a matter need escalation, the Head of School will meet with parents and indicate a punitive measure that fits the incident, as indicated in our Code of Conduct.

Yes. Our school organises sporting tournaments across the world. The school's international 7's rugby tour has visited Mauritius, our soccer and netball teams have been to KZN, our hockey teams have played in Nelspruit, and our tennis teams have played with other students in Sun City.

Grades 4-6 may also attend a 2 nights/3 days academic enrichment and bonding trip. Additionally, in 2019, our students participated in a Senior Preparatory Cultural Tour to the USA.

College FAQ's

Our school offers an exciting range of cultural activities that can lead to achievement at a competitive level. Our students participate in the Dance World Cup, Royal Academy of Dance examinations, Dance Star, Eisteddfod of the Performing Arts, SA Dance School Championships, Concours D ’Arts, and the FEDA theatre festival. We also host the Trinity College London music examinations.

Our school offers an innovative alternative to the Cambridge curriculum. Reddam House Waterfall is associated with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and provides a diverse and stimulating choice of subjects to prepare students for the IEB National Senior Certificate.

In Year 13, we also offer an enriching opportunity for students to complete the 'International Foundation Year', a 6-month post-matric course that guarantees entrance into any NCUK university upon completion.

Yes. Our school's affiliation with the IEB ensures all students benefit from an internationally-respected curriculum that qualifies certificate holders for entry to universities in South Africa and around the world. Previous students have been accepted into world-renowned universities in major cities, including New York.

We are also excited to announce that Inspired has signed an exclusive partnership with the world-renowned Berklee College of Music (berklee.edu) to introduce "Inspired by Berklee", an innovative curriculum and an Artists-in-Residence Programme that sets new standards in creative and artistic youth education. Reddam House Waterfall is one of ten globally-selected schools chosen to participate in the Inspired By Berklee pilot programme.

The partnership will eventually lead to all Inspired schools being assigned an teacher from Berklee's award-winning faculty, student, and alumni base. A Berklee music representative will work with their assigned Inspired school faculty and students to develop contemporary music, dance, theatre, and creative education programmes and experiences.

The partnership seeks to expand the possibilities for student achievement by extending traditional performance arts curriculums to include the teaching of technology, media production, and creative entrepreneurship. The partnership also aims to give our students the creative skills and competencies to succeed, lead, and innovate in a fast-paced 21st-century economy.

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